Friday, June 11, 2010

Jawahar Hill station

A wonderful place that is going to fill you with more energy and enthusiasm, a place where you would love to go again and again, yes it is Jawahar Hill station, that has got its place in Thane district, well this beautiful and live hill station is called as Mahabaleshwar of Thane, really the beauty is incredible, and fills you with majestic effect, there is a wonderful variety of flora to keep you stunned.

Jawahar Hill station
Jawahar Hill station has got the gift of exotic valleys, it has got all the required stuff that needs to make your trip more memorable and pampered, if you are fond of tribal kingdoms and want to explore tham in a new way, then Jawahar Hill station is going to give you the chance to explore it in a new way, as it is one of the tribal kingdoms of Maharashtra.

A perfect gateway is Jai Vilas that gives you the new dimensions to find out and explolre the fascinating tribal livinbg in a unique way, here you cal also see the famous Warli painting of Jawhar ,other fascinating places are Dadar Kopra Falls and to fill oyur days with more warmth and pleasure there are wonderful sunset points, Jawahar Hill station is a place that you would like to visit again and again, really cant afford to miss it.

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